Global Economic Collapse

I was born again in 1983 and immediately God arranged a job that allowed for many hours of Bible reading as I rode public transit to and from work each weekday.

Reading the old testament, I noticed how God sent judgment when Israel stopped calling on him, but also forgave, delivering them from oppression when they humbled themselves and called on him again. I was awed by a Creator who allowed free will, and yet upheld justice and righted wrongs, all while never letting his chosen people stray too far.

Then sometime in 1986 I heard a preacher prophesy of economic calamity (and other judgements) coming initially to nations that have turned away from God, but ultimately affecting the whole world. I stored all of that in the back of my mind for future reference.

Of course today, theories of looming economic and other disasters abound, especially on the internet. But well before the world wide web was invented, my wife and I removed television and other news media from our home for a span of over 20 years, limiting ourselves to the word of God. This is something we’re very thankful for. Since God alone holds the future, meeting regularly with him in prayer has proven to be far more powerful and reliable than seeking out anyone else who claims to know what’s in store.

… and in the fall of 2000, I received a dream from God warning of a global economic collapse that I believe will be the first of many world changing events.

In the dream, I was walking from my house to the carpentry shop to begin a normal day of work. In fact everything about that morning was normal. The way I was dressed, the sights and sounds, the thoughts going through my mind, everything going as usual until opening the door of the shop and stepping inside. I found it was completely empty. Not one machine was left, no raw materials or finished goods on the floor, the walls where the tools and the jigs hung were also bare. Everything was gone, and there was nothing for anyone to do!

What I saw was not the natural ebb and flow of economic activity. No, I saw a devastating, times altering collapse of the entire system. Overnight, production came to a halt, and all employment vanished. Exactly what will cause commerce as we know it to suddenly cease was not revealed to me, but it will be a day that affects everyone.

The dream happened as I was waking, along with the interpretation, and I held on to this knowledge for many years saying very little about it. Then 18 months ago I received a word of knowledge that led me to the book of Numbers chapter 33. And that scriptural truth convinced me, now is the time to speak out.

Global economic collapse is inevitable, because the Bible reveals that when God judges men for their sins, he judges them… and he judges their gods. “For the Egyptians buried all their firstborn, which the LORD had smitten among them: upon their gods also the LORD executed judgments.” (Num 33:4)

Now, I can only speak of the society I know, but what I see is store after store, in mall after mall and city after city, promoted by advertisement after advertisement, all promising more and more, bigger, better, cooler. The lust to possess all we can, our obsession with wealthy and famous people, the abandonment of family for finances, it all points to one thing, a selfish society controlled by greed, that worships money, where materialism mostly shapes our sense of right and wrong, proving that it is our god.

And our society is not unique, because the heart of man is the same worldwide.

Even the majority of false doctrines prevailing in the church today are based on worldly gain. Wealth and success are held up as the true measure of God’s blessing and the evidence of great faith, and no one wants to talk about a time when worldly prosperity could end.

But this false prosperity will end, overnight it will end, because the true and living God will judge and pull down the false gods we worship.

If you can hear this message, and have been wondering why recently the world is losing its lustre, be encouraged. Jesus is at work teaching your heart to divorce dreams and hold possessions loosely. Learn to watch and pray, and soon, when the time comes that many are counting their loss, you will be counting your gain as spiritual riches are multiplied to you by the Holy Spirit.

And if you are concerned about the very real suffering that will accompany the shaking of the nations, I was too until I compared it with the end result of unrestrained sin. God revealed to me that when he allows people to live exactly as they please, their sinful path becomes darker and their situation more desperate as time passes. Without restraint, lust only increases, and Satan’s influence spreads. Then sin and the devil conspiring to blind and enslave the soul, extinguish every last ray of hope.

Therefore, it is the mercy of God to send judgment on the world, because God’s correction is redemptive, restraining lust, cutting off the power of Satan, and setting the captives free.

He may rebuke, and he may chasten, but Jesus knows how to save and lead his people into a land flowing with milk and honey. Don’t forget, he is still waiting for the rest of his sheep to come into the fold. Learn to fast and pray, and as the end of time approaches Jesus will increasingly empower and protect you in miraculous ways that reveal his mercy and light to this world.

And that means that those around you, will see God in you, and be saved!

“For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.” (Isaiah 60:2-3)

So don’t be afraid of the future, live the miraculous life, and let God have his way. Challenging days are ahead… but he has everything under control.


Nuclear Attack on the United States of America

Only a few mornings after being born again, sitting on the edge of my bed pulling on socks, I received a vision from God.

In the vision, I was leaving the front door of the farmhouse where I lived and walking down the front steps to the paved sidewalk which led away from the house.

The actual farmhouse I lived in faced south, and the sidewalk in front of the house led across the lawn through a wooden gate to a graveled yard. Past that a large barn and a forested hill behind it completely blocked the view.

But in the vision the landscape was very different. To the south I saw a beautiful range of rolling hills, “falling away.” My viewpoint in the vision was from high ground and the scene of cascading hills stretched out for many miles. It was summer, it was warm, and the fields were green.

As I stepped onto the sidewalk, without warning three of the fastest fighter jets I had ever seen flew directly overhead. They came from the north, rocketing toward the south. My whole attention was now on the jet planes. But within seconds, and in perfect formation, they banked sharply 90 degrees to the left and vanished out of sight.

Then a massive flash that I recognized as a nuclear explosion filled the whole sky. I dove face down onto the grassy lawn, covering my face and eyes with my hands to protect them as best I could. Then I waited.

But to my amazement I was not harmed, and the vision ended.

I did not have to pray about it. God immediately revealed to me that sometime in the future there would be a nuclear attack on the United States of America.

I had been a Christian for only a few days. I was not confused by what I saw or heard, but I did not tell the vision to anyone for a very, very long time.

Jesus Saves

My reason for writing is very simple. I want to describe how loving, personal, faithful and tender God is. He is someone you can trust, give yourself to, and never be disappointed.

I was 22 years old when he began to do a miracle in my life. I did not know God and was drifting aimlessly, experimenting spiritually and going to dangerous extremes, flirting with disaster on many occasions. In the midst of all that, he sent a person into my life that I respected and loved dearly, and as a result I started to become curious about the Bible.

But nothing changed until one morning, sitting in the living room listening to my favorite rock band, I heard a voice coming out of the music. The voice was speaking to me, but the words were mixing with the song, and I could not understand what was being said. I was however aware of the voice moving slowly from a location in front of me, until it stood behind me. Then over my right shoulder I plainly heard, “I have been waiting a long time for this day.”

Sensing what I can only describe as pure evil, I jumped from my chair and literally ran out of the room to get away. I somehow knew that this “voice” wanted to possess me and take control of my life.

Now in the kitchen and feeling as though I had escaped whatever was threatening me, I decided to eat lunch. With lunch finished, I walked back to the living room intending to read the Bible my friend had given me just days before.

But as I crossed the living room, God gave me a Vision of hell.

I was, without warning, in a place of total darkness, darkness I could feel. And I was alone, completely alone, yet aware of God. More precisely, I was aware of perpetually going farther and farther from God.

That realization shook me, but then I caught a glimpse of something even more alarming. In addition to the agonizing despair of separation from God, the destruction awaiting my soul in hell would be absolute, annihilation, as if I never existed! In hell one is entirely alone, and ultimately, entirely forgotten.

Then suddenly I was back, standing in the living room again.

Immediately, mercifully, God showed me that my sin was taking me to hell, and in the same instant showed me to simply ask him for forgiveness. Without another thought I knelt and prayed, “God, forgive my sin, and please, don’t let my life come to nothing.”

As soon as those words were uttered, God took over. And when he did, every dark power scattered. I was still on my knees praying, but the feeling inside was like running and casting my life completely on him in pure relief and abandon. There was no thought of holding back, God truly carried me in that moment. How else could I have known what to do? How else could I have understood what was happening? He pulled me out of the dark prison I had made for myself and set me free!

In practical terms, it was as if someone walked into the room and turned on the lights, putting an end to every evil in my past with the flip of a switch. My mind was instantly clear and I had real excitement and anticipation about the future. It sounds cliche, but there was a light in me.

In spiritual terms, God became my Father. I was very literally born a second time, made into his child, and given a new start.

I was a new person with a new life ahead. What that life would look like did not concern me yet, all I wanted was to know the one who had saved me, and I wanted to know him more than anything else.