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I was born again in 1983 and have waited for over 30 years to share the visions and revelations that followed.

I was born again because Christians were praying for me. Then one day when I was alone and desperate, I asked God to forgive my sins, and he did, and healed me in so many ways.

After, for two weeks I had only the Bible and the Holy Spirit to teach me. I didn’t hear any preacher and had no¬†one telling me what to think or believe. But during that short time the revelations and visions that started me on the path I continue on today happened.

The end of time is approaching, and there are many voices saying “follow me”. However, as future events unfold, the Word of God is the foundation to build your life and rest your hopes on.

These posts contain an average man’s account of God’s work and warnings about the future. They serve as evidence that we need no one but the Holy Spirit to teach us. The bible promises that if we follow Jesus with all of our heart he will personally lead us into all truth and will personally lift us above the shaking, fearful confusion that this world is about to witness.

Many people have the opinion that God is sitting on the sideline, disinterested. But that is not true. Jesus is literally watching, waiting, and calling to me and to you. Every moment of every hour, day and night, God’s Holy Spirit is searching and seeking and ready to act. All he wants to do is lead us safely to the end.

No matter what you think, Jesus is calling you. I urge you to respond. Call out to God. Pray and then let him safely lead you. Digest his holy word and let it become your anchor and your tower.

No matter what your opinion of him is now, one step towards God is all that it will take to find out that he is the one who loves you and the One you can depend on in the future.

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